Festival and Car-based Camping Cookers

If you’re going to be camping close to your car, perhaps for a few days at a festival, or a short distance from it, then the weight and size of your camping cooker won’t be so much of an issue.

As a result you can look at stoves that have bigger rings, a larger footprint so that the stove is less likely to tip over and a larger gas supply.

Compared to the tiny lightweight stoves beloved by hikers and cycle tourists these camping cookers will seem really rather decadent but when you’ve got the space for a bigger cooker only a masochist would try and cooker a meal on something barely bigger than a box of matches!

The good news also is that because far more of these stoves are sold than any other type then prices are low, very low in some cases but it also means that the quality of some items is lower than you would expect.  To avoid buying a dud stove, be sure to check out our reviews.

Go Systems Venture

PRO’s: Lightweight & powerful, excellent flame control CON’s: None that we can think of! VERDICT: Superb lightweight, budget stove. Buy it! The Go Systems Venture is Go Systems take on the classic lightweight cartridge stove.  Weighing in at just 200 grammes it’s small but does it pack a punch ? Oh yes!  Size isn’t everything […]

Campingaz Bistro 300 Stove

PRO’s: Updated version of Campingaz Camp Bistro but better looking CON’s: None that we can think of VERDICT: Cute design, fast boil time, good adjustability. What’s not to like? Campingaz stoves have always looked a bit plain but their latest offerings are far more stylish. The Campingaz Bistro 300 is no exception but how does it stack up […]

Coleman Fold n Go Two Burner Stove

VERDICT: if you’re limited on space & need something that folds this is the stove for you PRO’s: relatively lightweight, two burners, easy to use CON’s: needs a windshield to get the best out of it, canisters still not that easy to find Coleman have been at the forefront of camping cooker design for years […]

Coleman Two Burner Unleaded Petrol Stove

VERDICT: A rugged and dependable dual-fuel stove from Coleman that’ll last years. PRO’s: Burns petrol and Coleman White Gas. Folds up for easy storage and transportation. Very sturdy. CON’s: No grill Coleman have been making camping cookers for years and it shows when you look at the Coleman Two Burner Unleaded Petrol Stove. It’s not the best […]

Go Systems Dynasty Compact Stove

VERDICT: Compact & self-contained.  A good alternative to the Campingaz version although, being more widely available, the Campingaz version is cheaper. PRO’s: Compact, self-contained unit. Includes carry case.  Three year warranty CON’s: Short runtime, need to carry a spare cylinder. Pricier than the Campingaz equivalent The Go Systems Dynasty Compact stove is Go Systems take on the single […]

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