Family Camping Cookers

If you’re going to get away from it all with the family then you’re going to need to keep them well fed and this needs a camping cooker which is up to the job.

With more than one mouth to feed you’re going to need at least two rings and possibly a grill as well.  You’ll also want to be confident that the camping cooker is unlikely to tip over and will be out of the reach of curious little hands.

These design features will result in a camping cooker that’s fairly bulky but then if you’re staying in the same place for a weekend or longer then portability won’t really be an issue.

Campingaz Duo Plus CV

PRO’s: Two burners without the bulk and weight of a large gas cylinder CON’s: Both burners have same power output VERDICT: Excellent lightweight family or festival camping stove If you’re looking for a two burner camping stove but don’t fancy lugging a large, heavy gas cylinder around then the Campingaz Duo Plus CV could be […]

Campingaz Camping Kitchen

PRO’s: Large powerful burners, can be used with regular sized pans CON’s: Prone to draughts from the side VERDICT: if you’re going camping and expect to get several years use out of it buy this It seems to us like the Campingaz Camping Kitchen has been around for ever but if you look closely you […]

Campingaz Camping Chef Vario Stove and Grill

PRO’s: Updated version of Campingaz Camp Chef but better looking CON’s: Grill is still very puny VERDICT: If you need a dual burner stove you can put on legs buy this one but there are better options New for 2012 is the Campingaz Camping Chef Vario which looks destined to replace the trusty Campingaz Camping Chef.  Is the new […]

Campingaz Camping Chef Stove and Grill

VERDICT: A puny grill but worth buying if you’re on a budget & find it discounted PRO’s: Compact, runs on Propane and Butane. Often heavily discounted. CON’s: puny grill which lacks power. Grill difficult to clean. Prone to gusts of wind On the face of it the Campingaz Camping Chef Stove and Grill is perfect […]

Coleman Two Burner Unleaded Petrol Stove

VERDICT: A rugged and dependable dual-fuel stove from Coleman that’ll last years. PRO’s: Burns petrol and Coleman White Gas. Folds up for easy storage and transportation. Very sturdy. CON’s: No grill Coleman have been making camping cookers for years and it shows when you look at the Coleman Two Burner Unleaded Petrol Stove. It’s not the best […]

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