Bear Grylls Wild Weekend with Miranda Hart and Jonathan Ross

It’s not often that you see real life depictions of camping of any kind on television, let alone wild camping, but the first episode of Bear Grylls latest project ‘Bear Grylls Wild Weekend with . . . ‘ did just that.

In it he took TV comic Miranda Hart to the Swiss Alps, well outside of her normal comfort zone, and helped her to confront some of her fears including heights, claustrophobia and camping in general!

Several scenes prominently featured a Jetboil camping stove similar to the Jetboil Zip Personal Cooking System that we reviewed recently although we suspect that Bear used the top of the range titanium version (the Jetboil Sol).

The second episode featuring Jonathan Ross definitely pushed Jonathan way beyond his comfort zone but didn’t feature any camping stoves.  Instead, in a hilarious segment, they cooked Black Crow over an open fire !

For those that don’t know Bear Grylls, he’s a former SAS soldier who broke his back in three places in a parachuting accident.  After he fought his way back to health he became the youngest ever Briton to reach the summit of Mount Everest at the age of just 23.  Since then, he’s led ground breaking expeditions across the world so what he doesn’t know about the outdoors isn’t worth knowing.  Much of that knowledge has been distilled into his own line of outdoor clothing and equipment which we love.

If you missed either episode you can watch it again via the Channel 4 website or catch them repeated from time to time on the Discovery Channel.